Advantages of including Nutrition planning & lnBody Scan in the 8 week challenge

  • Evidenced-based practice: know where you get started, and know what changes in your body wil be achieved through the program
  • lnBody test will help you set clear fitness goal by providing accurate body composition data of your body, including mass and distribution of muscle & fat, visceral fat level and basal metabolic rate etc.
  • Get in control of your nutrition with Meal Plans from the professionals at DXA Health in Kew.
  • Good nutrition planning is important for everyone, regardless what fitness level you are or what fitness goals you have
  • Good nutrition planning has been proved to assist body transformation
  • Good nutrition planning can maximise your training outcomes
  • Good nutrition increase energy levels and provides good gut health.
  • Know where your start line is, and know what changes in your body will be achieved through this program.

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Option A
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Total $60

Option B
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Food Assesssment Meeting
Meal Plans x 2
Total $250

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